Self-adhesive materials, special papers, films and sheets in plastic materials, personalised bags and shopping bags


Production and distribution of special self-adhesives and double-sided adhesives


Cartimpex is a distributor of JAC self-adhesive labels in Milan: labels face many challenges both in production and in use, and the range of labelling options offered by JAC Graphics allows you to accurately select the right material for your application.

There are many label and sheet products available in different designs: some adhesives allow you to match the label to the end use and you can be sure of the reliable performance of the products, which is essential to safeguard both machinery and future sales.


In addition to distributing JAC-branded German self-adhesive products, Cartimpex in Milan produces and sells special self-adhesives and double-sided adhesives, special extra-permanent papers and customised fittings.
The company also produces bags, sack bags and shopping bags customised according to customer specifications.
Attentive to the continuous evolution of the market and sensitive to the environment, Cartimpex is a point of reference in Milan in the sector of zero-impact typolithographic and screen-printing supplies.





For any information you need, for advice and quotes, the staff of Cartimpex in Milan is at your disposal to answer all your questions, guaranteeing professionalism, availability and efficiency.

We operate with a logistics warehouse where the range of JAC stickers, our range of extra-permanent self-adhesive, double-sided, Tyvek envelopes and document holders is always available.