Envelopes and bags in different formats and materials for every need


In addition to the supply of a wide range of special papers and self-adhesive products for labelling, the Cartimpex company of Milan also produces and markets various solutions for packaging, such as envelopes and bags in various materials, available in standard and special according to customers’ specific needs.

We are specialised in the supply of bags for packagingenvelopes for shipping and for the storage of various types of contents.

We offer high-strength bags, vacuum bags, padded bags, plastic and paper bags.

As for bags for packaging, we offer a wide range of solutions able to guarantee maximum safety for your products, in various types and sizes, in order to satisfy every need.

Among our products, we also sell Tyvek bags, which are tear- and water-resistant thanks to the use of synthetic materials.

These types of envelopes offer excellent protection and are ideal for mailing confidential items such as documents and catalogues.